Becca Heup

Becca is a seasoned creative who has an extensive history of doing videography and photography work for artists in Nashville for the past eight years. She has worked with
Ryan Hurd, Lee Brice, Tyler Farr, Lewis Brice, and many more. Becca began her career working with director Chase Lauer on music videos and photo shoots. Not long after, she went off on her own to film, edit, and design video content and album artwork

While pursuing her creative career Becca had the privilege of working with Jack White and Karen Elson in caring for their children and traveling the world with their family.
Working with a family of creative legends has inspired and shaped her into the creative and lover of music she is today.

Becca recently completed the Music Business program at Dark Horse Institute and is focused on continually learning all angles of the music industry. Her goal is to become
an expert in helping artists and songwriters succeed in Nashville and make their dreams reality.

Her fiancé, Cody, is also in the music industry as a recording engineer. The two of them enjoy listening to music at the studio, going to their nieces softball games, and they are building a small town life together in their new home in Chapel Hill, TN.