About us

Here at Entersong, we are the shine behind the stars. 

We pride ourselves on being the gold standard for the REAL Nashville experience. We are a collective group of hit songwriters playing and singing our own songs that you might have heard come through your radio or digital platform. We are real people with real stories looking to take you behind the red velvet rope and into the VIP life of Nashville’s songwriting elite.

What We do

We bring the exclusive Nashville experience to you. 

Our goal is to make you, your family, friends, clients, or corporate event attendees feel as though they were right there with the writers when “I’m Carrying Your Love With Me” was written for George Strait or how “Fancy Like” was crafted before being the 2022 song of the year. We create an immersive show where guests become a part of the act. We’ve got stellar stories, mostly tasteful humor, some of the world’s biggest songs, and can guarantee you will have the time of your life getting to know these Music City Hitmakers. 

Getting Started

Please feel free to check out our outstanding artist and their hit songs.

Contact our booking agents to discuss your event. Our agents are pros at putting together the perfect show, crafted to your audience, location, budget and preferences.

You will be able relax knowing we will craft a VIP show to remember for your private event, party and/or corporate experience.